Ryppl uses an adaptation of a well-known marketing technique.  Ryppl's system encourages distribution of software through benefits to the end-user and to the distributor.  Ryppl also encourages others to use its API (.NET DLL) to take advantage of its built-in software licensing and registration system.  Hopefully, you will find the best and most useful software here, at a reasonable price.

Why Buy From Ryppl.com?

  1. All of our transactions are handled directly, securely, and discreetly by PayPal; a name you can trust. Ryppl and the software vendors never see your credit card information.
  2. We offer quality software at a reasonable price.
  3. You can download the software for free.  In virtually all cases, you can try it before you buy it.
  4. The PayPal transactions are completed in seconds so you’re up and running FAST.
  5. We use encrypted data storage and encrypted data transfer to protect your information from theft.  We don't share your information with anyone else.
  6. You can get free updates for life.  You only pay once and continue to get the best versions as they come out.
  7. In many cases, if you share your registered software with other users, you’ll get rebates when they register their copies, plus they get discounts.

Why Sell Your .NET Software Using Ryppl.com?

  1. All transactions are handled by PayPal so you get paid directly.
  2. The Ryppl API is easy to use and comes with sample code to help you secure your .NET application in minutes.
  3. There is not a big commission so you retain virtually all the money from your sales.
  4. You can set up coupons for discounts so that you can give special deals to groups, charities, friends, and family.  You specify exactly how many coupons of each rate you choose, and you can add or subtract from that number at any time.
  5. We use encrypted data storage and encrypted data transfer to protect your information from theft.
  6. You don’t need to worry about lost registrations or software.  If your customer has computer trouble, a quick re-installation restores the software. The Ryppl API automatically restores the registration.
  7. Based on the settings you select for each application in the Ryppl Support program, your applications will be automatically set up to provide rebates for each time a customer shares your software and the new customer registers the software (up to a 100% rebate).  The new customer gets a discount on the registration (but doesn’t get the rebate for sharing).  So your customers also become your salesmen.