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Start Your Retirement Today

Stop Giving Away Your Software and Get a Second Income (or Start Living off of This One)

You're writing software anyway.  Sell it and get out from under the thumb of your boss.  Be your own boss.  If you sell your software for a reasonable price, people will buy it.  The Ryppl Support application provides the means to offer your RypplAPI-enhanced .NET software for sale through Ryppl's licensing system.  You can use Ryppl whether you're an individual or part of a major corporation.

What Makes This Awesome

  • Easy product setup and maintenance, including pricing, PayPal address, version, sharing discount, description, and image and download paths.
  • All sales amounts go directly to your PayPal account.
  • Automatic RSS updates of your programs! Anyone who "opted in" and subscribed to your feed will automatically get the new file when you update your program entry.
  • Your files and their update descriptions are included in the ProductUpdates RSS file for all Ryppl-licensed programs.
  • Review of registered software owner information.
  • Setup of coupon codes for group discounts and other possibilities.
  • Review of pending and completed registration information.
  • See ratings, comments, and suggestions from customer reviews.
  • Store your software on your own server for quick and easy updates.
  • Modify the price at any time.
  • Add coupons or increase the number of coupons at any time.
  • Form for emailing specifically selected groups of your software owners.

No Worries

Don't worry about an up-front cost for Ryppl Support.  You can choose not to pay for the registration of this software and pay $3.00 US per sale of your first 45 sales.  Then the commission will drop to the normal rate of 10% or $1.00 US per sale, whichever is LESS.  Or, pay up front and just pay the normal rate per sale.

Browse to the RypplAPI description to get more details.

The Ryppl Support application was developed and tested with .NET framework 2.0.

This is a free download, so go on, get started on your retirement!

Register it for only $45.00
No Shipping Required
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