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We Want You to Make Money

Buy That Model Airplane You Always Wanted.  Give All Your ProceedsTo Charity.  Buy Your Mom A Polka-Dot Porsche.  We Don't Care.

Programmers work hard to make some really cool software.  Well, now you can get rewarded for it!  This is the application programmer's interface you need for securely licensing your .NET software and making it available through the Ryppl site.  You sell directly to the customer.  It provides forms and code for user registration, plus user ratings and reviews.  It also implements an update feature that allows updates right from within your application without using ClickOnce.  This makes it easier to obfuscate your application but still provide easy updates.

It's Safe

Not only is the software safe from hackers, all registration information is encrypted before it's sent to the database, and then it's encrypted with a different algorithm before it's stored.

It's Secure

All user registration fee payments are handled by PayPal and go directly to your PayPal account.  Upon receipt of payment, the software is automatically activated.  You just sit back and let the cash roll in.  The best part is that you can distribute your program anywhere and everywhere you want to.  Hey, give it away to anyone who visits your web site.  You determine what features you want the user to be able to use before they've registered.

With Ryppl's support application, which you can get right at this site, you make your software available for purchase.  Plus, you can offer rebates to users who share or distribute your software, and discounts to users who have received a shared copy.  This encourages people to help you sell your software!  You also have the option to offer promotional discounts with special coupon codes that the user enters during the registration process.  Multiple coupons can be set up for each application, and each has its own maximum number of coupons that can be redeemed, as determined by you.  Also included in the download is an example file that shows a typical implementation of the API in C#.  The API will work with any .NET language.

So get started providing licensed copies of your software.  Why give it away when you can do so much good with it?

The RypplAPI was developed and tested with .NET framework 2.0.

This is a free download and requires no registration fee.

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